We are pleased to announce an exciting new opportunity in our Call for Applications for AWHONN’s 2020 Bylaws Task Force!

AWHONN’s Bylaws are essential to clarify the way our association does business. The Bylaws of an organization give the sense of purpose, underscore the values, and direct the relationships needed. Among many other functions, the Bylaws serve to:

• Define the role of the Board of Directors in a policy-based governance structure.
• Provide checks and balances in the system.
• Identify the “standing committees” that report to the Board.
• Clarify the roles of the Board of Directors, committees, members, and how they work together.
• Outline the essential components to the path of membership, the benefits of membership, and who can hold leadership roles in committees as well as on the Board.

The 2020 AWHONN Bylaw’s Task Force will consist of 6 standing members and 6 corresponding members. Standing Task Force members will need to be on all the calls and will make the final recommendations to the Board. Corresponding members will provide feedback and ideas to the Task Force.

By serving on the Task Force, members can contribute their knowledge and experience to develop a draft of recommendations for revision of the current Bylaws to meet the needs of the increasing business complexities of AWHONN.

The Task Force will be charged with reviewing the organization’s Bylaws and current practices to ensure that they are synchronized. This team will also review current best practices and governance trends and make recommendations on those the organization should consider adopting. Here is a link to the current Bylaws.

Serving on a Bylaws Task Force is a significant commitment. The Taskforce will be meeting for 1-3 meetings a week over three and a half months. Meetings will be virtual and participation is required. Section leaders and members with previous experience, strategic planning experience, and/or association governance experience, are specifically encouraged to apply.

This is your opportunity to shape the future governance and practices of AWHONN!

The deadline for submitting a completed online application is midnight (EST), Friday, March 13, 2020.

For assistance or questions, please contact Suzanne Berry, CEO, at sberry@awhonn.org or 202-261-2430.


Rebecca Cypher, MSN, PNNP
2020 President

Shakira Henderson, PhD, DNP, MS, MPH, RNC-NIC, IBCLC
Board Member and Bylaws Task Force Chair

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