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Neonatal Orientation and Education Program (NOEP),
3rd Edition
- Coming this summer!

Education and consistent care are crucial to helping improve safety and outcomes on your level II or III NICU.  The Neonatal Orientation and Education Program (NOEP), 3rd edition addresses both factors and gives you a total solution to your staffing education and orientation needs.  With NOEP, you'll receive:

      • Evidence-based clinical practice and the latest research
      • 14 fully scripted modules enhanced with video, animation and case studies to reinforce learning.
      • Competence assessment tools and online pre & post - tests document progress
      • Up to 68 contact hours of CNE  

      NOEP is an out-of-the-box solution that you can begin using the day it arrives. You do not need a dedicated nurse educator to present NOEP; an experienced nurse can deliver the program.

      Coming this summer!

      Perinatal Orientation & Education Program (POEP),
      3rd Edition

      The Perinatal Orientation & Education Program, 3rd edition offers fully-scripted continuing education modules that will help you elevate safety and the consistency of care on your unit.  POEP includes everything you need to provide quality, evidence-based education to all members of your perinatal nursing staff.  POEP is designed to orient nurses to the perinatal unit and provide advanced education for senior staff, making it a program that will pay for itself many times over.

      • POEP will help ensure every nurse is taught evidence-based care and practices.  POEP also helps to establish consistent care across your unit, providing the tools needed to improve quality of patient care and staff efficiency.
      • Save money and time!  Subject matter experts have done the extensive required research.  Evidence-based practice and professional standards of care are integrated throughout the program.  An in-depth curriculum with case studies, reference and reading lists, pre- and post-tests, participant and instructor/presenter handouts, and guides are included.
      • Reward and retain your nurses by offering more than 80 contact hours!

      Watch a video tour and preview each of the modules today!

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